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Why You Should Be Using Artificial Stone In Your Home

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Artificial stone is made by crushing and grinding natural stone and then re-constituting it, in a mould, with cement mortar. It can also be re-constituted with a resin binder, which is more expensive. Sandstones, marbles and limestone are well suited to the re-constitution process.
Artificial stone tile
is not always the most popular tile to use in your home, but it should be! Many people do not realize what different types of tiles offer, or even what type of tile is used for certain areas of the home. If you researched the benefits of artificial stone you would quickly realize it is an excellent choice for walls, table tops, counters, floors, architecture and even stairs. You will commonly find it used in monuments and in buildings as well. If it is tough enough to use in outdoor structures you can rest assured it is tough enough for your home.

It is a Artificial stone tile that is manufactured in countries around the world forcing companies to offer competitive pricing. Artificial stone tile can also be referred to as engineered stone or synthetic stone products. This is determined from the method it is made, which is by crushing up rock and re-constructing it a wood or iron mold using a cement mortar. It can also be re-constructed using a resin binder. It is an engineered tile whereas other tiles are cut from rock and materials.
The Process of Producing Artificial Stone Tile Makes It a High Quality Tile
Artificial stone tile is extremely non-porous, effectively making it resistant to corroding from water, materials, ocean air, and impurity of the air from the atmosphere of populated cities. The process in which it is created allows it to form into the high quality, non-porous tile we all love.
The process has been changed throughout history but  has not evolved too far from the orginal method. The first type was made from comprised sand and an alkaline solution that contained powered flint. By heating it in a steam boiler you bounded all the siliceous particles and moulded them into tiles, Artificial stone  slabs, tombstones, and even grindstones or architecture.
Today companies use materials like granite, cement, limestone, quartz, marble, and other minerals. They use machinery to mix the minerals and then use wood, metal and iron moulds to form them into the required shapes. They will be placed into a silicate of soda solution for about two weeks to harden. Today’s process makes them incredibility durable.
Artificial Stone Tile Has A Wide Variety Of Uses And Is Stronger than Natural Stone
Engineered stone is made more uniform and affordable than natural stone. It can be used for walls, floors, architecture, buildings, and around the house. Cast stone is a type of artificial stone that is commonly used in architectural concrete buildings, statues, and monuments. It is created from white and grey cement, natural sands, crushed up stone, nicely graded gravel, and minerals with certain color pigments to achieve the ideal coloring. This process also creates a high quality and durable psychical property which is stronger than most natural cut stones used in buildings and more resistant against acid and alkali attacks. Cast stones are excellent to use in replace of travertine, brownstone, coral rock, bluestone, granite, limestone, slate, coral rock and other natural stone building blocks.
You can also find them used as floors or walls. This is a common use because they are cheaper and visually comparable to real stone. They can cover concrete walls and floors to give the appearance of natural stone. Popular choices would include many kinds of granite, marble, and quartz. These can be purchased in full slabs and cut with tile or gang saw or in tiles.
Other uses include countertops and vanity tops in bathrooms or kitchens. They provide a solid non-porous surface and are made in compound marble, marble tiles and slabs, and quartz & marble slabs. New star is a popular manufacturer of these types of tiles and offers a wide variety.
There Are Many Types of Artificial Stone Tiles
It is manufactured worldwide with china being one of the leading countries.  With plenty of manufacturers you get a wide variety of minerals, and combinations of stones and cement used in creating artificial tile. You also have the option to buy slabs or tiles, depending on your project.
Popular materials used are onyx, granite, marble, quartz, and you can even find glass, and shell series of tiles. The colors depend on the minerals and properties in the mixture of the tile, but there is almost a limitless color choice. The wide variety makes it suitable for almost every area of the home but also for building columns, monuments, memorials, and landscape and paving materials.
With the option of stone slabs or tile, beautiful stone materials and minerals, and endless colors, this competitively priced option is always a sure bet.
As a cheaper solution to natural stone you will find the artificial stone’s durability, variety, and usefulness makes it perfect for homes, and outdoors. Many fountains, monuments, statues, and homes utilize engineered tile every day.
Artificial Stone Tile Size:
    a) 144" x 30" x 1/2"
    b) 120" x 30" x 1/2"
    c) 96 "x 30" x 1/2"

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