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Artificial Stone

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Artificial Stone is made of non-natural mixture, such as resins, cement, glass beads, aluminum powder, etc. and Crushed Stone adhesives. Artificial stone (also known as “artificial marble”) is a new type of composite material is unsaturated polyester resin and fillers, pigments mixed with a small amount of initiator, after some processing made. In the manufacturing process, accompanied by a different pigment can be made with colorful, glossy jade resembles natural marble products. Because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, fire retardant, non-stick oil, does not leak sewage, bacteria fungi, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, the advantages of arbitrary shape, is becoming the decoration materials market new favorite.

Artificial Stone (artificial marble,man-made stone,artificial resin stone,Engineered stone) : This series of artificial marble is a high polymer solid material mixed by propyl methacrylate (PMMA), natural mineral hydrated aluminum oxide powder Al(OH)3, and pigment.
Artificial Stone is made of non-natural mixture, such as resins, cement, glass beads, aluminum powder, etc. and Crushed Stone adhesives. Artificial stone (also known as “artificial marble”) is a new type of composite material is unsaturated polyester resin and fillers, pigments mixed with a small amount of initiator, after some processing made. In the manufacturing process, accompanied by a different pigment can be made with colorful, glossy jade resembles natural marble products. Because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, fire retardant, non-stick oil, does not leak sewage, bacteria fungi, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, the advantages of arbitrary shape, is becoming the decoration materials market new favorite.

The definition of artificial stone
Artificial stone product manufacturing is simple, short production cycle, low cost, widely used in various indoor and outdoor architectural decoration. Artificial stone 30 years ago appeared in the United States, China’s first application of artificial stone products, decorative materials, as is the mid-90s a number of coastal cities, a few years after the pandemic. Now the fever has spread positive medium and small cities in the Mainland, especially the introduction of UV Equipment Co., Ltd. Tianjin Rui Sente most advanced artificial stone surface of UV coating process, an instant cure can be dried (by a leveling machine and UV IR light curing unit can be realized). Features: Light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil and dirt resistant. Sheet thickness and gloss, translucent effect is obvious, no distortion, anti-aging fire, no radiation, anti-infiltration, according to customer demand random bend, seamless bonding, to really cathartic realm.
The use of artificial stone
1, table
1) Ordinary table: artificial stone cabinets countertops, bathroom countertops, bay windows, dining table, business units, reception counters, desks, computer tables, bar sets and so on. Both man-made marble natural stone texture and firm texture, smooth and exquisite ceramics and easy processing of timber. Its use and promotion of natural stone marks the decorative arts from the era into a new man-made stone stone new era. 2) Hospital tops, laboratory tops: artificial stone acid is excellent, easy to clean and take care, seamless bacteria no place to hide, and is widely used in hospitals and laboratory table tops and other important occasions, to meet the requirements of the sterile environment .
2 artificial stone sink (star basin)
3, commercial decoration
1) The architectural character of the door pillar, the crowning touch to the construction of space, power and performance of artificial Dan Fengfu shaping force, provide endless inspiration to designers. Whether it is dignified calm discreet style, or simple modern fashion style, man-made stone can easily qualified for every door pillars, are distributed as a cultural atmosphere of the art, for the living space to add elegance. Guanghua artificial stone surface as a mirror, so clean up is easy, even over a period, with dazzling color, plasticity, as all the best with window board design. 2) decorated in various business and entertainment business and entertainment, if the use of artificial stone can be so gorgeous and elegant design, reasonable layout, can produce a wide use of space and perfect decorative translucent effect of making you walk into a harmonious tone, feel warm. Special arc shape, exquisite mosaic, coarse ore prominent arch, elegant eclipse floor, pleasing polished, elegant Roman arched columns, smooth bar, harmonious and elegant commercial counters, beautiful results without endless creative Harmonious elegance is the image of man-made stone. Highlight the theme and the entertainment business atmosphere, artificial stone can be processed with a variety of materials and a variety of means to create a unique charm of the special design effects.
4, furniture applications
Man-made stone table, the table is an ideal material for high-level furniture, CEOs large class also come in handy.
5, Bath application
Man-made stone ware, bath, personalized bathroom, bathroom space is the crowning touch. It has a rich expressive power and shape the force, provide endless inspiration to designers. Whether it is dignified calm discreet style, or simple modern style fashion, health, environmental protection, man-made stone bathroom, shower you enjoy every moment of her life more exciting.
6, art process
According to the current domestic economic development, artificial stone in the pot, sculpture, craft products, processing, leading the trend of future consumption.
Artificial Stone FAQ
Why good artificial cast stone product will appear after a few months warping, cracking phenomenon? Mainly poly resin and wasting fillers, pigments, mixing inequality and promoting agent, initiator and resin ratio does not arise. In the artificial stone matrix, that has been marinated support resin, fillers, pigments and other mixture, the resin can be maintained in uniform suspension filling state until the resin gels. If you fill in the artificial stone matrix suspension bad, deposited on the bottom of the casting will result in casting, the lower filler distribution differences. As more upper resin, curing heat shrink over time, shrink large; lower resin less less heat curing, shrinkage, resulting in warping or cracking products. Artificial stone surface of the bubble, Ma surface caused by the factors? How to remove? There are three main reasons: 1. Filler moisture content than the normal index. When the filler particles in the water content is high, around a small blister will form, since resin is an exothermic process, the release of heat destruction of the balance of the particle outsourcing blisters, blisters so left in the man-made stone base body, cured surface, there will be bubbles, pockmarked face. 2. Stirring during the process of air into the body of the man-made stone base. 3. Resin and curing agent, initiator ratio of the three incorrectly, residual air bubbles in the matrix can not be discharged in time. Man-made stone resin used in What are the requirements? Exclusion method is usually three: 1. Vibration inter-bubble. The method used should be noted that the platform amplitude, frequency and vibration time, the amplitude of the General Assembly to fill deposited over the surface of the template, resulting in the poor side of resin, curing slow contraction of small, low exothermic temperature; the other side because of the rich resin, curing block, slow shrinkage, high temperature heat, prone to warping phenomenon. 2. Chemical foaming method. Use of the resin has a crosslinking inhibitor blocking effect (commonly known as defoamer) in the period of time can prevent the resin polymerization, over time, resin polymerization at normal speed and can, effective discharge for the bubble to win time. The method of use of the resin has little effect caused by heat. If you reduce the initiation and promotion of the dosage, although it can delay the polymerization of the resin, but resin heat curve for deformation, affecting the quality of man-made stone. 3. Stirring vacuum method. By mixing man-made stone remained negative pressure to boiling, stirring conducive to chemical reactions and the bubbles generated in the process easily ruled out. The above three methods, especially the first third method used in conjunction with the more practical, reliable, long-term use of the effect of an investment. The second method, although simple, but the cost of mass production too. Resins should be considered in the choice of resin and curing properties of the chemical structure of both. 1. Resin chemical structure of the general use of isophthalic acid – propylene glycol-based resin. It can meet the CMI (American Association for Artificial Marble) 500 cycles of thermal shock requirements, steam boiling distilled water for 48 hours, the color remained the same, anti-white, anti-foaming performance are good, but the price is more expensive. General manufacturing artificial stone resin can not be used. 2. Resin curing properties: resin in the curing time required to have an appropriate degree of low shrinkage and high strength of the green strength of pre-curing. How we can improve the hardness of the surface of artificial stone and gloss? Comparison of artificial stone products make perfect appearance after curing treatment is very important. The so-called post-curing treatment is to man-made stone products in a certain temperature, holding for several hours. In general, the polyester resin after stripping the intensity reached only about 50% of maximum strength, to completely take weeks or even months of curing time, and ultimately curing can make man-made stone products, a significant strength and water resistance increase. After the solidification process can be overcome by deformation, cracking and other defects and improve surface water resistance, heat shock, increase the strength of matrix resin, help to improve hardness and gloss products, extended service life. After the long curing cycle shortcomings, it is recommended to use the most advanced artificial stone surface UV coating process, can be dry and cured instantly.
Artificial marble stone
with the main difference between the natural
Man-made stone is more wear-resistant, acid, high temperature, impact, compression, flexural, and other features are very strong resistance to penetration. Deformation, bonding, and other parts of the deal turns coming up; because the surface is not porous, oil, water stains easily into it, so stain resistant; can be any length seamless bond with the adhesive material of the two block cemented polished, seamless. Marble countertop: natural stone can not be too long in length, made possible through the whole length of the table, and not the modern pursuit appropriate to the overall table. Very beautiful natural marble texture, texture hard, anti-scratch performance, wear resistance can be; but porous, easy accumulation of grease, and the brittleness of natural marble, can not produce more than 1 meter format the table, two marble mosaic can not seamless, seamless growth of bacteria, higher density of natural stone, solid cabinet needs support, although it hard, but the lack of flexibility in case of severe impact fracture occurs, is difficult to repair, some see the natural crack, the event will be drastic changes in temperature rupture!
Minimum investment in the production of artificial stone products
A high-performance, comprehensive and large-capacity mixer granulator is essential, and the other with a number of vibration platform, hand tools, simple guide saws, vacuum pumps, drying room, you can produce colorful man-made stone products . Small-scale production of equipment needed for the minimum investment in about 3.5 million. If the required high degree of mechanization, the production scale and requires the full range, coupled with IR leveling machine, artificial stone steel machine total equipment investment is about 100 thousand yuan.
Artificial stone surface UV Coating Process
Artificial stone in the decorating and architectural decoration in the great market potential, its surface smooth, colorful, bright and clean as jade, deeply loved by consumers; artificial stone artificial marble and artificial agate is the general term, is unsaturated polyester Lipid resin and fillers, pigments mixed, made by some processing, and artificial stone with non-toxic, non-penetration, easy cutting, color to any deployment, any shape casting and so on. Artificial stone in the production and processing is a key step in the process of its forming and surface treatment of artificial stone forming process determine the internal quality, such as hardness, song variability, such as heat resistance, surface treatment effect on the impact of its external sensory , has been forming in the artificial stone production line today, it’s molding process has been stabilized, but in the process of surface polishing on the existence of a waste of manpower, waste of time, cause serious pollution, bad rates, and many other issues. The appearance of thick artificial stone can be set to complete the sanding machine, but careful sanding the surface of artificial stone and sand have to manually complete the side, the higher the hardness of the surface of artificial stone, polishing and polishing time and effort, and the current Technology can not make a high light and has a full sensory effect. UV coating process can produce precisely the appearance of the surface treatment of artificial stone problems can be addressed effectively. UV is the English abbreviation of UV ultraviolet, UV light is mainly concentrated in the 200nm — 450nm wavelength light. UV paint absorbs UV light (365nm of UV light with a peak), the occurrence of a photochemical reaction, rapid completion of curing. Spraying environmental requirements: advise clients to bring their own dust-free spray booth, be guided by the following Tianjin Rui Sente a client configuration; the ground surface by the water base, into the spray through the air clean room cleaning, every entrance to do a wind curtain to blow to enter the painting room of people who carry the dust; painting room with positive pressure ventilation in order to effectively clean the Deputy pressure method and the filtered air.
Artificial stone surface characteristics of steel technology
1. Appearance: smooth surface with no porosity, surface defects such as hemp, the beautiful colors of substrate surface to have a sense of suspended particles, has a certain transparency. 2. Physical and chemical properties: It has sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, especially high impact resistance, scratch resistance is better. 3. Durability: resistant to weathering, dimensional stability, resistance to deformation and resistance to cold and heat.
Artificial stone surface of UV coating Investment Analysis
1. Paint cost analysis: UV special paint is about 85 – 95 yuan / kg, the amount per square meter is about 110-130 grams of spray paint, the unit cost, 9.5 – 12 yuan / ㎡. 2. Yield Forecast: equipment operation speed 5-10m/min, would produce about 150 square meters per hour, working 8 hours a day, every day can produce a minimum of 1200 ㎡. 3. Labor unit cost of: 1000 square meters per day at a conservative estimate total monthly output of 30,000 square meters, this process, the operation of eight dollars, the average monthly wage per person 1,000 yuan, labor unit cost of 0.25 yuan / ㎡. 4. The unit cost of electricity: the power consumption of the machine 40KW / H, to work eight hours a day, yield 1,000 square meters, electricity unit cost of 0.3 yuan / ㎡. 5. Investment cost: the equipment needed for this process are: Tianjin Rui Sente leveling machine of IR (8-15 m length), Tianjin Rui Sente five face four-dimensional effective UV-light solid machine a (small quantities production of steel used artificial stone machine), the specific equipment specifications Tianjin Rui Sente can be the actual situation according to the customer tailored products, equipment investment is about 7-10 million.
Artificial stone surface of UV coating market forecast
According to related statistics, with the improvement of production technology industry and the general consumer awareness of environmental protection, UV curable coatings have application for its good environmental protection, fast curing, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high hardness characteristics are an annual rate of more than 2 times. It is based on the above advantages, there are more companies to improve productivity, increase profits, improve competitive advantage and choose UV coating is based on such a case, Tianjin Rui Sente Limited and UV Coating UV equipment manufacturers cooperation develop targeted coatings and equipment, with its technology and service to man-made stone surface steel processing market to bring good returns.
Artificial stone cabinet table of the purchase experience
The use of artificial stone is now the largest market table, is the most prominent mixed quality and brand products, and there is no artificial rock joints and ready for polishing as new. 100 up to several thousand per meter ranging from the general population at home if the current market price used in the 400-1000 dollars on a good, no need for too much. Now, some large cabinets OEM business will have its own brand, which is their highest profits and owners simply immeasurably price where some of the quality also, but there is not necessarily the (UV lamps have a number of small day Customer is dedicated to some big companies and cabinet decorative plants on behalf of the processing), while the market now has some of the more well-known brand into a lot of series, the price will be high and low.

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