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Artificial countertop's FAQ

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Can high temperature objects be directly or long put on artificial countertop? Can artificial countertop be used as chopping board? Why artificial countertop should keep dry? Faq of artificial Stone Countertops.....

Can high temperature objects be directly or long put on artificial countertop?
Answer: it can't! The hot pans, hot pots or other high temperature appliances may give damages to the surface of artificial countertop. Please use insulated mats.

Can artificial countertop be used as chopping board?
Answer: it can't! When cutting, put on chopping board. Artificial countertop is hard and durable, but cut on it will leave unsightly scratch and make the cutter dull. If there is cut mark, use 180-400 sandpaper to wipe the surface slightly, according to the cut mark's depth. Then use scouring pad to clean.
Why artificial countertop should keep dry?
Answer: because water has lots of bleaching agent and water stain. If the residence time is too long, the color of artificial countertop will shallow, which affects beauty. If it happens, please use 600#-1200# waterproof abrasive paper to clean. Then wipe dry and spray some leather protection oil.
Why to prevent intense chemicals contact artificial countertop surface strictly?
Answer: artificial stone has long antinociptive ability. But it still needs to avoid contact chemicals. Don't contact with methylene chloride, acetone and strong acid cleanser. If it has happened, wash the artificial countertop surface immediately with lots of suds. If contact nail polish, don't use cleanser with acetone. Don't impact the surface directly by heavy or sharp objects. Do not use cool water and then hot water.
How to remove most of stains and dirt on artificial countertop surface?
Answer: use suds or cleanser contains ammonia water to clean.
How to remove incrustant on artificial countertop surface?
Answer: use wet cloth remove the incrustant then use dry cloth wipe up.
How to remove cut mark, burn mark and scratch?
Answer: if the required fineness of artificial countertop is honed, first use 800-1200 sandpaper to grind until the mark disappears. And then use cleanser and scouring pad to make it become original.
If the surface is polish, firstly use 800-1200 sandpaper to polish, and the use the wax and wool polish disk to polish it by 1500-2000rpm low speed. Then use clean cotton cloth to clean the artificial countertop. Tiny scratch can use edible oil and dry cloth to clean.
Could artificial countertop be retreaded?
Answer: if the artificial countertop has lots of scratches caused by different reasons or for long term use (1-2 years), ask professional to sanding and polishing.

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