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What Do I Need To Consider engineer stone counterop?

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What Do I Need To Consider engineer stone counterop?

To be honest, there's a lot of upside and not a lot of drawbacks with engineered stone countertops.Let's take a look at the positives...

Man Made Yellow marble countertop
Non-Porous - A Good Thing - You've no doubt heard the stories about how you have to seal natural stones like granite. It's true. But with engineered stone, that's not necessary. Don't worry about the cooking oil making a dark spot on the quartz counter. It's highly resistant to stains.
Take a look at the picture of natural granite below. It shows the porosity and natural fissures that occur even after the surface is polished. Engineered stone is completely smooth with no small pits or pock marks.
Real Stone - Those Dark Fissures Show The Natural Porosity

Looks And Feels Like Stone - Engineered stone countertops are made to mimic the look of natural stone and manufacturers are getting better and better at it. It also has the smooth, hard surface finish just like a polished piece of granite, but it doesn't have the upkeep requirements.

Easy To Maintain - Being a non-porous surface means it's easy to clean and maintain. Nothing is bullet-proof but you won't have to tip-toe around a quartz countertop or continually seal it.

Lots Of Colors And Patterns - Whether you want a color that looks like stone or a fire-engine red countertop, there's an engineered stone countertop for you.

Color/Pattern Uniformity - If you're not wild about the pattern variations you get with natural stone slabs, engineered stone is a good choice. The color and particulate patterns are uniform and consistent over the entire surface area.

Resistant To Heat - An engineered stone countertop is more resistant to heat than a laminate or solid surface countertop. You won't want to make a habit of using your quartz countertop as a trivet for hot pans, but it will stand up to the occasional 'mistake'.
And the downsides....
Some Products Can Be Expensive - Some, not all, engineered stone products can be costly. Cost per square foot will vary based on manufacturer, color and edge treatment.

It's Still Not Real Stone - This is one of those considerations that's dependent on your personal taste. Engineered stone can come pretty close to looking like real stone but it's not the real McCoy and doesn't have the natural variation of real stone.
But on that note, you be the judge. Which sample in the picture below is the engineered stone and which is real granite? Even if you can distinguish between real and not, you have to agree that the engineered stone does a pretty good impersonation.
Answer: The Sample On The Left Is The Imposter
From a functionality and durability perspective, there’s really not many negatives associated with engineered stone. That's why it carries the name it does – it’s been “engineered” to offer the benefits of stone while eliminating the weak points.

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