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Micro-Crystallized stone

Pansheng Micro-Crystallized stone including marmoglass, nanoglass,Crystallized Ceramic Composite Tile, nano crystallized glass panel,crystallized glass panel,crystallized white stone,glass marble,white marble,Thassos white,Ariston White,white carrara,crystallized stone,glass panel,minicrystal stone,Hole-free Micro Crystal.

Micro-Crystallized stone  is recommended for all surfaces, residential and commercial. It can be widely used in Interior & external wall cladding, counter tops, stairs, columns, floors, indoor/outdoor, tabletops, board rooms, bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes, sidewalks, building facades, moldings, inlays etc.

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Micro-Crystallized stone Main Features:

·Unique in superior whiteness,brilliant luster
·Densely structured with no porous ,zero water absorption, no ink, tea, cosmetics can penetrate, easy to clean by using water to keep it clean as new.
·Superior surface hardness with scratch resistance, Microcrystal stone is produced under 1600°C with strictly selected non-metallic minerals.It’s the hardest construction material next only to diamond, corundum and topaz. No kitchen knives can damage Microcrystal stone countertops. Building sand cannot scratch Microcrystal stone floors.
·Everlasting brilliance with superior erosion resistance and weather resistance.
·Jade-like beauty with no chromatism, the peculiar production techniques guarantee a consistent over 10000 square meters production with no chromatism.
 ·High temperature resistant,heat shock resistant, inner structure will not be affected,shape and color keeping same,with over 1000°C temperature.
·Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-shocking, wear resistant, low coefficient at linear heat expansion, perfect for kitchen counter tops, chafing dish table tops, dinner table tops and for protection material in iron and steel, power plant, coal mining industries.
·Well processible, be able to cut with automatic cutter, portable cutter, either at factory or on site, be able to make various edges, carving like natural stone, be able to make arcs and curves and basins when heated.

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Micro-Crystallized stone-Micro-Crystallized stone, Crystallized stone, Pansheng crystallized stone

Micro crystal stone, also named as Micro-crystallized glass stone,crystallized glass stone is made out from glass grains, fired and crystallized two times in high temperature stove more than 25 hours and cold down to the panles directly. The thick is made as customer required, not cut out.
Micro crystal stone Advantage
1.Soft and glittering luster, faultlessly elegant and classic, non color difference and fading
2.Dense structure, evenly crystallized, fine patterns of jadedly effects
3.Superior physic properties with enhanced hardness&anti-wearing
4.No water absorption, front resistance, no pollution
5.Non efflorescent, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and anti-corrosive
6.A green building material, which is non-radioactive and no harm to human body.

The most fashionable decorative stone material in recent years.

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